“My parents instilled in me a simple truth — the two greatest joys in life are the tilling of the land and the cultivation of character. One anchors us, and the other elevates us. For centuries, we have understood the tilling the land, but we have only faintly grasped how the cultivating of character deepens the soil of the mind and spirit.”

Chandler Van Voorhis is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in conservation and ecological markets. He has given a recent TEDx Talk, guest lectured at Princeton & Yale, and authored several publications on the emergence of natural capital, including:​

  • “The Rise of Natural Capitalism and the New Frontier of Conservation Finance” in the book Wilderness, Wildlands and People: A Partnership for the Planet, published in 2008
  • “Finding New Ways to Think About the Environment and Economy” in the book Global Climate Change:  A Senior-Level Debate at the Intersection of Economics, Strategy, Technology, Science, Politics, and International Negotiation, published in 1998.

Prior to co-founding C2I, Chandler was co-host of GreenWave Radio, a nationally syndicated radio talk show on the environment and business. In 2002, he was awarded, along with Mr. Crane, the nation’s most distinguished private conservation award, the ChevronTexaco Conservation Award.

Chandler is former President of the Alliance for Environmental Education, an international non-profit that played a key role in getting environmental education in K-8 over the last 30 years. Currently, he serves on the advisory boards of IETA Natural Climate Solutions and RenewWest. He is also a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America.