“Trees are my life.”

Steve joined the GreenTrees team in May of 2012 following a 35-year career with the Mississippi Forestry Commission. Steve says, “I had the opportunity to visit several of the GreenTrees projects while working with the State. I was impressed with the 302 cottonwood/302 mixed hardwood concept, using the cottonwoods as trainers. I am fortunate for the opportunity to join forces with GreenTrees to promote this concept to the landowners interested in planting hardwoods in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley.”

Steve received a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry from Mississippi State in 1977. Born and raised in the Mississippi delta, Steve married his junior high sweetheart. They have two children, one son, 36, and one daughter, 25. Bowhunting is his other love, especially hunting the bugling bulls in the Rockies in September.