22 Apr 2020
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Steve Burgess, Forester

Steve Burgess, Forester “Trees are my life.” Steve joined the

21 Apr 2020
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Bickham Crooks, Forester

Bickham Crooks, Forester “Trees not only produce the air we

21 Apr 2020
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Avery Hughes, Land Specialist

Avery Hughes, Land Specialist “I love working with people who

21 Apr 2020
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Colin Fraser, Landowner Relations

Colin Fraser, Landowner Relations “After meeting Chandler, Carey, and Dutch,

21 Apr 2020
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Robert Banner, Senior Project Officer

Robert Banner, Senior Project Officer “I love marrying ecology and

21 Apr 2020
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Linda Cote, Office Administrative Assistant

Office Administrative Assistant "I enjoy working for a company that is

21 Apr 2020
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Carey Crane, Co-Founder

Carey Crane “If it pays, it stays!” A longtime conservation

21 Apr 2020
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Jerry “Dutch” Van Voorhis, President and CEO

Jerry "Dutch" Van Voorhis“Forests clean the water, purify the air, heal

21 Apr 2020
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Chandler Van Voorhis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Chandler Van Voorhis "My parents instilled in me a simple

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