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Rebalancing Our Infrastructure With Reforestation

Rebalancing Our Infrastructure With Reforestation Reforestation can improve resiliency through soil stabilization, water quality, and carbon sequestration — all while boosting the economy By Chandler Van Voorhis As Congress and the President examine a major infrastructure bill, it is important that green infrastructure play a significant role. Why? According to the IPCC, one-third of

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Planting Trees One Acre at a Time

Planting trees one acre at a time Conservancy company benefits Great Meadow and Montebello “One thing is certain; we all need to do our part.  ACRE is doing their part, one acre at a time.” Robert Banner

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Timber Talk: March / April 2012 Issue

In the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, the nation‘s leading reforestation program on private lands has quietly been building an amazingly successful program designed to promote forestry, wildlife habitat, carbon sequestration, biofuel harvest and landowner incomes. Page 28

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GreenTrees is First Forestry Project Approved by American Carbon Registry

GreenTrees, America’s first and largest forest carbon origination pipeline, is the first forestry project to be approved  by the American Carbon Registry (ACR). Middleburg, VA, February 16, 2010

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